Project about restoring the films by Karel Zeman

Restoring the World of Fantasy


You can now see brand new digitally restored The Fabulous Baron Munchhausen by Karel Zeman in worldwide online services.

The world premiere of the digitally restored film by Karel Zeman Invention for Destruction took place on Friday, July 10, 2015 from 20:00 when the film shone again at World EXPO 2015 in the National Museum of Film in Turin, at the jubilee International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. All viewers will be able to simultaneously partake in this unique premier on their TV screens thanks to Czech Television.

The digital restoration of the film Invention for Destruction is a part of the project Restoring The World of Fantasy. Restoring The World of Fantasy is a joint project of The Czech Film Foundation, Karel Zeman Museum and Czech Television. The aim of the project is within three years to digitally restore selected films produced by Karel Zeman to the finest quality, to screen them in cinemas and bring them to life again. The aim of the project is also to inform public about the importance of the digital restoration.

Do you want to learn more about reasons why are we restoring the films of Karel Zeman? Learn sometihing about scanning and cleaning the film frames just before return to tcinemas in restorated version? Just come and see our new exhibition The Journey of the film in Karel Zeman Museum!

You can donate a project Restoring the World of Fantasy for restoration of three films by Karel Zeman through public collections carried out by the Czech Film Foundation.

For this project of digital restoration Restoring A World of Fantasy, a joint project of The Czech Film Foundation, Karel Zeman Museum and Czech Television, we selected three most important films of Karel Zeman: Invention for Destruction (1958), The Fabulous Baron Munchausen (1961) and Journey to the Beginning of Time (1955).

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