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Press release about Invention for Destruction newly discovered scene

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World premiere of digitally restored Invention for Destruction film by Karel Zeman, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Grand Hall of Thermal Hotel. Delegation of the film - Left: Ctibor Pouba, James Mockoski, Ivo Marák, Ludmila Zemanová, Milan Fridrich, Linda Zeman-Spaleny, Ondřej Beránek. Source: 

Červený koberec Ludmila Zemanová Linda Zeman-Spaleny 2m zdroj www.kviff

Daughter and granddaughter of Karel Zeman presented the world premiere of digitally restored Invention for Destruction film. Source:


"It sounds like a blockbuster, including a scientist, a band of pirates, a weapon of mass destruction and a struggle for world domination. And it was a blockbuster, more than 50 years ago.
"The New York Times: "Spare Times for Kids," by Laurel Graeber (7/10/15).
Indiewire / Animation Scoop: "Restoration of Karel Zeman's Classic "Jules Verne" To Debut This Weekend," Jerry Beck (7/7/2015).
Village Voice: "Calendar: Invention for Destruction," (7/9/2015).
Hyperallergic: "Art Rx N," by Allison Meier (7/7/2015).

 foto Karel Zeman zdroj Muzeum Karla Zemana-1