Enter the scene of Karel Zeman movie

Museum has extended with new interactive place, which offers modern trick set and thematic expositions.

The main part of our extended exposition is the interactive trick videoset based on Greenscreen. You will step right into Karel Zeman films. In the submarine from The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, on the moon from The Fabulous Baron Munchhausen or between dinosaurs from Journey to the Beginning of Time you can shoot your own film scene, which you can immediately send to yourself or your friends. New special effect scene fills in our interactive objects in exposition, where you can take a photo or shoot a video. These interactive objects are thematically based on principles, used by film director Zeman.

The extended part of our Museum will be a place also for expositions. First exposition named The Journey of the film introduces life cycle of the film from shooting the picture to digital restoration. Exposition explains the differences between the making of the films in the beginning of era and the making of the films nowadays. Look behind the curtain of digital restauration including some samples of restorated film frames. Exposition will introduce traditional film material, who can be tested and touched by small visitors, growing up in digital technology era. This exposition is part of a concept of the film education in Karel Zeman Museum.