Exposition Games

We have prepared some exciting thematic motivation games for our exposition. Your children will enjoy the visit even more and they will learn many interesting facts about work of Karel Zeman.

Free for visitors of our exposition.

Journey to the Beginning of Time game

This game is for little adventurers (4 - 7 years old). Children will go through some checkpoints and they will learn more about history of our planet, prehistoric amimals and famous Karel Zeman film. They will find their own trilobite in the finish of the game and they can take it home as a souvenir.

Authors of the Journey to the Beginning of Time game are Anna Falzonová and Lena Mech.

Now you can make, cast, and paint trilobite by your own imagination in Karel Zeman Museum!

Thematic crosswords

We have prepared some thematic crosswords for scholars and students with film topic. All answers are in our exposition. The hints could be use as a topic for a discussion later.