From October 8, the Karel Zeman Museum will be exhibiting original costumes from Karel Zeman's films. Ludmila Zemanova, the daughter of the director, is flying specially from Canada to open the newly extended exhibition. Visitors to the Museum can enjoy a variety of support programs to mark its first birthday: film, art and music workshops inspired by Zeman, costume hire or samples of other film crafts. The celebrations will culminate in a multimedia concert by Clarinet Factory on the Čertovka (The Devil's Channel).

Over the second weekend in October, inspired by the presence of the Zeman film costumes, visitors to the museum will be able to rent film costumes and take part in make-up and hair stylist demonstrations from Barrandov Studios. There will also be creative workshops in which people will be able to try to prepare film materials in the style of the Karel Zeman films. There will also be a children's competition and the chance to make their own short animated film and a photography workshop. Visitors to the museum can dress up in period costumes and using the decorations of the Museum can make pictures with an authentic Zemanesque atmosphere.

Celebrations for its first year in operation at the museum will culminate with two concerts by Clarinet Factory performed as part of a unique outdoor audiovisual experience. The concerts will take place on Prague's Devil's Channel. The magic genius loci of this beautiful place will be underlined by thousands of floating candles and a fire show. The Čertovka will be brought to life in a variety of themes from the films of Karel Zeman. Both concerts are free.

As part of the Strings for Children project, the Minor Theatre will host musicians, designers and other artists inspired by Karel Zeman. This will include a series of music, art and film workshops, theater performances and film screenings for inquisitive children and their playful parents. There will also be selected animation scenes from the movie Journey to the Beginning of Time.

To mark its first anniversary, the Karel Zeman Museum, in cooperation with Barrandov Studios, has prepared a   special exhibition of original costumes from Zeman's films. In the Museum visitors will now find a selection of costumes from the films The Fabulous World of of Jules Verne, The Fabulous Baron Munchausen and On The Comet. Most of the costumes on exhibition are taken from the film The Stolen Airship, publication of a digitized version of  which is being prepared by the Museum for the end of this year.

The Karel Zeman Museum is proud to join Prague's other prestigious museums and open its doors on Saturday 14th September in the evening as part of the now traditional Museum Night.

In addition to visiting the attractive museum outside of traditional hours, visitors can also enjoy the festive illumination of the Museum grounds, night boating on the ElektroNemo, puzzles and quizzes, demonstration workshops in animation and special effects, and screenings of Zeman films. Weather permitting, the film program will culminate in an open air presentation of The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, starting 21:00 in the Saxon court.

What a wonderful childhood it muse have been! -Chantal Renee, Torento, Canada 7/11/2012-

The most beautiful exhibiton I´ve ever seen in all my life, which is quite long, you know... I like it!

I see where Monty Python got their inspiration (and also maybe Yellow Submarine).

My american children grew up with these extraordinary films. Thank you for a wonderful museum and tribute to Zeman.

A great museum for a great artist who reminds us what the “magic” of cinema truly means. Thank you.

Fantastic exhibition! I´ve been to many film museums and this is absolutely on of the best.

Thank you for this mindblowing exhibition!

I liked the Journing to the moon and journe to the beggining of time. I think that Karel Zeman was a really great man. Also a genius.

Beautiful museum! Great work! Big emotions! Merci monsieur.

Exhibtion was very interesting. I enjoy Prague´s museums more than different in Europe (I think). Best wishes for these museums. -Alice from Warsaw-

Very enjoyable! A real guide into early film. Enjoyed it a lot.

Incredible museum dedicatee to an absowely anazing filmmake.

Fantastic exhibition. Will recomend to others. Great interactivity!
Jack Australia

Ich kann kan Tschechisch, but, it was really interesting. I have locked the films and have try the other thing.

Museum super interessnt!
Merci besuscoup Great & forgot de Paris.

Amazing to see where artfilms like Gilliam a Hanyhurn dream inspiration! Love it!

It was very interesting and fun. We still love our Praha - holidays.

Such an inspiring animator and visionary for the rest of us. Fantastic museum, I hope it keeps my insipiration for animation growing!

We have good news for you! Elektronemo is back ready for new advantures!

The film premier of the restored digital version of the film “Journey to the Beginning of Time” (1955) will be held on 30th June and 4th July 2013 at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.

This non-fiction film from 1955 tells the story of four boys who set sail on a wooden boat up the river of time on a fantastic journey to the prehistoric Earth. One by one they explore the Quaternary, - including the Ice Age - the Tertiary, the Mesozoic and the Paleozoic Eras up to the Silurian sea, where they find a living trilobite.

After floods the museum is open again! Come to enjoy our Film Special Effects exposition during your stay in Prague! If you´ll come on Sunday you can enjoy our exposition together with Zeman´s films which are presented with English subtitles!

Sunday screening: 
10:00 - The Journey to the Beginning
13:00 - The Fabulous World of Jules Verne
15:00 - The Fabulous Baron Munchausen


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