Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague doesn't want to celebrate its 150 anniversary alone. So the faculty accepts the invitation from Karel Zeman Museum, who will celebrate its second birthday in this year. And because someone "stole" the airship from Karel Zeman Museum, dean of faculty Prof. Ing. Michael Valášek, DrSc. has decided to lend the faculty airship for the museum!

We will celebrate second birhtday of Karel Zeman Muzeum on 10th - 12th October! Celebration will be in style of The Stolen Airship film and great wishes to next years will be told by very special guests. Our flight continues! Let's fly with us!

Work of Karel Zeman is extremely popular in Japan. This souvenir brochure for a premiere of The Fabulous World of Jules Verne film proves it! This brochure has been found in one japanese secondhand bookshop. This treasure now belongs to collection of CHEKOGURA culture salon. CHEKOGURA deals with Czech culture in a Land of the Rising Sun. You can check out its Facebook page, where you can find out, how it represents Czech Republic in the East.

Magic of open - air cinema belong to romantic summer evenings. Come and spend one evening of this kind in Karel Zeman Museum!

The memorandum on cooperation in the three-year project We're cleaning up the world of fantasy (Čistíme svět fantazie) was signed in Carlsbad by the Managing Director of Czech TV Petr Dvořák, the President of board of the Foundation České Bijáky Petr Šikoš and Director of the Karel Zeman Museum Jakub Matějka. The project is created in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Dear visitors, we announce you, Karel Zeman Museum will be closed for public on Friday 20th June 2014 due to private event.

Father's Day was invented more than one hundred years ago in the USA and slowly have a place in czech calendar. And because dads maybe stay like children in their mind for whole life, we believe, they will enjoy their day in our interactive museum. We will join a celebration of the Father's Day for the first time.

Here in Karel Zeman Museum, all dads can have a great time with their children and though our exposition, full of illusions and magic tricks, dads can return to their childhood, because here they don't have to be with feet on the ground. They can fly up to the sky with flying machine! They don't wear a suit, but they can try put on a water suit! They don't have to ride a car, they can enjoy a boat trip like in Zeman's Journey to the Beginning of Time film! Dads don't have to be adult, but they can become a child again for a moment.

And every daddy have free entrance to the museum (in companion of child, who will pay) on 15th June!

We have some special events for them:

  • 2 PM and 3:30 PM: special tour with commentary for boys and dads
  • 2 PM: The Faboulous World of Jules Verne film projection
  • Special The Stolen Airship film trick scene, where you can take a photo
  • Memory game with pictures from Karel Zeman fairy tales
  • Gigantic jigsaw with stegosaurus


Partners of this this event are Liga otevřených mužů (League of open men) and Unie center pro rodinu a komunitu (Union of centers for family and community). They held  8th festival Tátafest in Stromovka park on 15th June. More information are on this website (in czech language):

TZ-Den otcu-logo

ight and film belog together. The night, when museum gates in Prague are open, will also belong to Karel Zeman Museum. Karel Zeman Museum will be a part of Prague Museum Night on this Saturday 14. June 2014. You can join a special night tour of our exposition, or Clarinet Factory concert, Karel Zeman film screening or presentation of rare archive photographs. You will have unique view to Prague and magic atmosphere with our boat trips at Čertovka with special discount. Entrance to the museum and events is free.

Here are some 5 of 5 points reviews from our TripAdvisor profile, so we hope it will inspire you to visit our Museum

Eggs as Airships! 


Make eggs into your own "stolen airship" and bring it to us by 21/4/2014 to the Museum and enjoy visiting the exhibition for free! Any child visitor  who brings his egg-airship to the Museum between 18th and 21st of April, accompanied by at least one adult, will get admission free! All products will be exhibited over Easter in the Karel Zeman Museum and posted on the Facebook profile of the museum, where visitors can vote for the Best Egg Airship. The top three entries will receive interesting prizes! 

The museum is open during the Easter holidays every day from 10:00 to 19:00. You are cordially invited to visit!

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