New trick set is very popular by visitors of Czech pavilon on EXPO 2015. Visitors can look through window of the submarine or directly step in to underwater world of Karel Zeman of jump to the bicycle from Invention for Destruction film. There are some other references to films by Karel Zeman outside of the set. The trick set will be available for visit to the end of July.

Karel Zeman Museum is a part of unique museum event, when the doors of museums in Prague are still open after the nightfall, this year again. In Prague Museum Night on Saturday 13. June, Karel Zeman Museum will offer entry to its exposition. The most exciting content for every visitor will be its new extended part with exhibition about film and a new special effect trick videoset, where you can step in right to Karel Zeman films and make here a short video of yourself. new Museum prepares many accompanying events, including a concert of a musician Jan Burian ml., animation workshops, screenings of Karel Zeman films and screening of photographs from our archive. Visitors can enjoy a unique view on Prague at night with night boat trips on Čertovka - available with discount. The entry and accompanying events are available for free for every visitor until 1 AM.

Museum has extended with new interactive place, which offers modern trick set and thematic expositions.

Karel Zeman Museum, it is not only a place with permanent exposition. It is a playful space, which always brings new features and events! Do you know, you and your children can now join a game inspired by the film Journey to the Beginning of time? At the end of your journey, you will find a trilobite, which you can take home as a souvenir! We also offer animation workshops and creative design workshops. We still extend an exposition. We offer Karel Zeman's films screenings and we release films on DVDs.

We are a place full of events! Please subsribe for newsletters and follow our news!

Enjoy our exhibition with a real treat: our popular boat trip on Vltava and Čertovka with Elektronemo is available again! This experience allows you feel the magical atmosphere and most romantic part of the city from the water. All you need is to sit to the boat and enjoy the adventure!

Czech Easter holidays are about little whips and painted eggs. But what about prehistoric Easter? Just find out from the 1st April to 6th April. We will build a real dinosaur's nest with willow whips for the real dinosaur's egg!

Discover a city of film wonders through Prague Cinematic, a project that brings together the Karel Zeman Museum, Barrandov Studios, Segway Experience and Prague Steamboat Company to offer you a cinematic adventure unlike any vacation you've had before! Whether you're a native of the Czech Republic or a first time visitor, Prague Cinematic will give you an entirely new way of viewing the capital city through filmic eyes, with programs you can select to suit your interests.

Make yourself ready for the carnival and join the carnival parade hide in your own costume. Create your mask and costume with the unique strip-drawing method, used by Karel Zeman.

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Original remix by Jan Burian ml. (Jr.) based on music from films by Karel Zeman

Our celebration event will start with a music present by Clarinet Factory - quartet of musicians, who really doesn't afraid to let their fantasies free! This multigenre concert will start on Friday 10th October at 7 PM and will be accompanied with light show and projections screened on real airship floating above the courtyard. So don't make it fly away!

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