PRAGUE CINEMATIC - A Metropole Full of Movie Experiences

20. 2. 2015

A joint program targeted at movie lovers was presented today at Holiday World by representatives of all five partner institutions. The purpose of the Prague Cinematic project is to bring together a diverse range of activities that will enable both local and foreign visitors to the city to get to know our capital differently - as a film destination. The city, where you can discover not only a large number of locations where famous movie scenes were filmed, but also places where you can look behind the veil of film trickery to see behind the scenes and inside the studios where visitors or even yourself may momentarily become movie stars or directors.

Discover a City of Film Wonders

The detailed content of the Prague Cinematic project are created by the individual partner institutions - the Karel Zeman Museum, Barrandov Studios and Segway Experience.

People may pick from a choice of individual programs or activities, or combine and create their own choice of content to their liking. The choices are varied and offer knowledge, fun and creative expression. The common link is always film.

"The power of these choice on offer in the Prague Cinematic project lies in the fact that, depending on their own preferences, interests and options, there is something for everyone who likes movies. We combine fun with while always exploring both film history and the beauty of our capital city. We thus aim to please not only foreign tourists and domestic tourists, but also locals who can look at the metropolis with entirely new film eyes," says Jakub Matějka, director of the Karel Zeman Museum, which is the first of the institutions involved. The museum will delight lovers of the mystery of film, because it lets them uncover and try firsthand some of the basic principles of film special effects. The permanent exhibition is supplemented by animation workshops, art workshops and thematic games and activities for children.

A place full to the brim with the atmosphere movie-making, Barrandov Studios, also opens its doors, with its fund, amassed during its eighty-year history, of thousands of costumes and props. "A trip to the Barrandov studios, which are no more than a twenty-minute tram ride from the city center, takes visitors to the place where the most famous Czech films and TV series were filmed and where world-renowned creators from Miloš Forman to Roman Polanski made their films," says the head of the Costumes and Props Department Barrandov Studios Věra Krátká and invites us to visit Barrandov, as part of the range of choices on offer. "The exhibition space, opened in the fall of last year, has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of film-making at Barrandov and thematic exhibitions that accompany visitors on the trail that led to famous film and television projects, through the extant film decorations, costumes and props."

Probably every visitor of Prague considers it his duty to walk across Charles' Bridge, climb up to Prague Castle or enjoy the picturesque streets of the Old Town. Visitors can get to know tourist attractions and the lesser-known corners during a walk or a ride on a segway two-wheeler. Accompanied by a guide from Segway Experience they can visit locations where famous scenes were filmed from Czech and foreign films. They can compare the current look of the place with the cinematic fiction using illustrations.

The most romantic of all must be to then take an enchanting cruise along the Vltava River and Devil's Creek on a stylish boat led by its captain.

The choices on offer from the Prague Cinematic project are suitable not only for individual visitors and families with children, but also for larger groups, team building or corporate events.

The program is expanding its activities and projects with the next two partners - CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism. Their focus in 2015 is also directed to the movies and tourism.

 As part of its contribution, CzechTourism, which focuses mainly on incoming tourism, is preparing a unique mobile application called Czech Film App to let foreign tourists and domestic holidaymakers discover places which were scenes from famous domestic and foreign films were shot. "The application is not limited to Prague, but covers the entire Czech. The beauty of nature, historical monuments, and urban architecture will combine with the romantic, action, mysterious and mythical scenes that were filmed in selected locations," says Jiří Dužár, Chief Project Manager for CzechTourism film tourism. "The mobile application, which will be a free download for iOS and Android, will be launched in May this year," adds Dužár.

Conversely, the emerging specialized web portal focuses solely on the Czech capital. It will be launched in early March by Prague City Tourism. The portal will bring all the news and updates from the Prague film events. Above all, it will offer a comprehensive overview of cinemas, video stores, festivals, exhibitions and other unique movie experiences. Later in the year, a printed brochure will be published containing film tips and attractions for clients from both within and outside Prague.

All these offers, projects and activities will be clearly housed under one roof by our partners The Center for Film Tourism. A thematic information center will be created within an extension to the Karel Zeman Museum in the Saxon Court in Malá Strana. All information and programming can also be found on the website

Media partners are Rádio City, Rádio BLANÍK and Pražský deník.

The Prague Cinematic project is supported by CzechTourism and City Tourism.

Media Contact:

Tereza Veselá
PR & Marketing Manager of the Karel Zeman Museum
mobile: +420 728 179 469
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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