Karel Zeman Film Club

The Karel Zeman Film Club is a long-term series of digital publications in which we intend to publish the complete filmography of Karel Zeman. All the titles are prepared in digital format, processed from original film materials. The first three titles in the series are Journey to the Beginning of Time, The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and The Fabulous Baron Munchausen.

For the end of 2013 we are releasing the titles The Stolen Airship and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. This edition continues with On the Comet and The Tale of John and Mary titles in 2014, another step in the Museum's plan to preserve the entire film legacy of this genius of Czech and world cinema.

All the DVDs come with English subtitles and rich bonus material, including short documentary films specially prepared by the Karel Zeman Museum, contemporary archive materials and interviews with the creators and a musical visual bonus:  a virtual tour of the Museum with music by Clarinet Factory. All the films are available in the shop at the Karel Zeman Museum or can be ordered via our internet store.

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman is a biographical film that looks back at the life, work and significance of the genius of world cinema. It looks into the kitchen of the film tricks pioneer. We interview today's filmmakers from Japan to America to find out why his films are still alive and in many ways unsurpassed. Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Koji Yamamura, Kosei Ono and others talk about their inspiration by Karel Zeman.

Karel Zeman's last work, from 1980, is an original animated feature.
Zeman's idea and script for the film were based on traditional Czech fairy tales.

In 1970, Zeman made his last expedition into the world of the unrestrained imagination of Jules Verne. The movie was inspired by Verne's novel "Off On a Comet", and it marked the culmination of Zeman's creative period in which he combined live action and animation.

Zeman's feature-length animated film was an international co-production with the then Federal Republic of Germany in 1977.

This film from 1966 marked Zeman's charming return to the world of Jules Verne and the age of steam. It was also his first wide-screen film.

In 1961, Karel Zeman made the finest film adaptation of the outlandish tales of Baron Munchausen, made famous in the 1786 book by Gottfried August Bürger. The incredible adventures of the bragging Baron come to life in a film celebrating the courage and imagination of dreamers and poets.

In 1958, this film literally circled the globe, was showered in prizes and became one of the most significant films of the 20th century. Among its other awards, it won the Grand Prix at the World Exposition EXPO 58 in Brussels.

This film is widely regarded as one of the best children's adventure films in all of world cinema.
Its popularity was clearly demonstrated by its release in nationwide distribution in the U.S. in 1960.