Before visiting the Museum

Due to the limited availability of space we would request visiting groups to book fixed days and times in advance.

A visit to the Museum with younger persons typically takes about 1 hour.

Please use our Museum to encourage the creativity of your students, and take advantage of the visit to the exhibition of Zeman's work to stir their powers of observation and creative interaction!

Entrance fee for students under age 18 is 75 CZK, for students over 18 is entrance fee 140 CZK. For group of 10 students is one teacher for free.

Suggested activities:
- A motivational game, find answers based on the exhibition, and try to find the hidden treasure of Bird Island
- Animation and special effects workshops

We can provide:
-Texts from the exhibition available to teachers for classroom use prior to their visit
- An interactive program for you that will take an entire morning
- A guided tour of the Museum
- Methodological materials aimed at making the maximum use of Museum's resources in the context of current school curricula, and at teaching specific skills through practical challenges.
- Programs of project work based on the films of Karel Zeman
- Training in animation carried out in your school
- Showings of Karel Zeman's films for schools

Educational Officer: Marie Chramosilova, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.