Creative design workshops

We create space for your fantasy. Get inspired by the works of Karel Zeman! 

Open space for your imagination. Be inspired by the works of Karel Zeman in art workshops themed on his films. An expert trainer will guide you through the process of production and provide all the necessary materials. Everything you produce during the workshop, you can also take away. We use a variety of techniques and technologies so that workshop participants always get the best results.


Make your own Stolen Airship (price 90 CZK).

IMG 9846



Matte painting from Journey to the Beggining of time (price 30 CZK).


Create your own costumes using the unique fabric-printing techniques used by Karel. Zeman in the films The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and The Stolen Airship (price 90 CZK).


Film stripes lamp (price 90 CZK).