Do you need some inspiration for your February trip to Prague? Here it is! Karel Zeman Museum will be a part of Carnevale Festival for the first time and you can join us to celebrate it and enjoy the atmosphere!

If you often use České dráhy e-tickets for your traveling, please, check out, if you have our discount coupon for DVDs and little surprise (picture of a coupon is down below) on your e-ticket. You can use it on your visit in our museum! This is a strictly limited offer! 

We are actually launching our new e-shop. But our payment methods are not fully functional right now unfortunately. We will also add more details of products soon. Thank you for understanding.

ElectroNemo for our trips on Vltava river is actually replaced by Adria boat. But Adria is not sailing to Čertovka unfortunately.

ElektroNemo Boat trips on Vltava river are temporarily canceled for technical reasons. Thank you for understanding.

New 2014 Karel Zeman's wall calendar with pictures from The Fabulous World of Jules Verne film is now available in our shop.

You can make your very own special puppets, toys or dress which  you can then use to make your own animated film, or simply take home as a reminder of your visit to our museum. 

We create space for your fantasy. Get inspired by the works of Karel Zeman!

Make your own Stolen Airship, Christmas Gingerbread with a movie atmosphere, Puppet from Christmas Dream or Special Effect scene from Journey to the Beggining of time.

IMG 9846 Perníčky strips airship

Create your own costumes using the unique fabric-printing techniques used by Karel. Zeman in the films The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and The Stolen Airship!

Reservation not required. 


A lecture revealing what happens in film studios when shooting special
effects in both the Czech Republic and abroad.
In a two hour lecture, full of fascinating examples, Boris Masník will
guide you
through the development of special effects from the classical
technologies of the second
half of the 20th century to the present. Reservations at tel. 724 341 091

Date: 26.11.2013 Starting 17:00

Create your own costumes using the unique fabric-printing techniques
used by Karel.
Zeman in the films The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and The Stolen
Airship! Reservation not required.


  • 02.11 Starting 13:00
  • 09.11 Starting 13:00
  • 16.11. Starting 13:00
  • 30.11. Starting 13:00

Shoot your own film using the same methods used by Karel Zeman!
Reservations at tel.
724 341 091

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