Create your own mask and costume for the Carnival

Make yourself ready for the carnival and join the carnival parade hide in your own costume. Create your mask and costume with the unique strip-drawing method, used by Karel Zeman.

Our inspiration will be based with style of The Adventures of Jules Verne film. Zeman's idea was based on historic gravures, used as an illustrations in first issues of Verne's books. He created a unique visual atmosphere of this film.

But he needed a lot of costumes with stripes. So the filmmakers painted costumes themselves. How? Let's try and see.

And then you can join a Prague Carnival -Carnevale Praga 2015 and enjoy its events!

Carnival workshops will be available in whole time of Prague Carnival, begins on 6th February. Bu we will start this workshop in the last weekend in January (31th January - 1st February), so you will be able to join the first parade!

Dates: 6th February - 17th February (12 PM - 5 PM)

Our capacity is strictly limited. If you want to be sure to have your unique carnival costume, justDiese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!!

It is possible to have a special dates of this workshop for groups and schools, if you book it in advance.

Just find out more information on the official website of Carnevale Praga 2015.