You can take an Easter Journey to the Beginning of Time in our museum

Czech Easter holidays are about little whips and painted eggs. But what about prehistoric Easter? Just find out from the 1st April to 6th April. We will build a real dinosaur's nest with willow whips for the real dinosaur's egg!

And it will be no hen's egg or quail's egg. There were no tiny birds in this prehistoric time. Our egg will be 180 cm highest and its widest point will be about 120 cm. Every visitor will have a chance to paint a part of the egg with his own imagination and we will create our special Easter egg together.

You can compare our giant egg with a real prehistoric egg, provided by our long-term collaborator, paleontologist Štěpán Rak to our exposition especially for this event.

You can play the Journey to the Beginning of Time game with your children in our exposition. You will find a gypseous trilobite at the finish. Feel free to take it as a souvenir and put some Easter colours on it! The gypseous trilobites are replica casts of real prehistoric finds.

All paint tools will be available for free.

oviraptor embryo


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