The Sorcerer's Apprentice /Čarodějuv učen/

Zeman's feature-length animated film was an international co-production with the then Federal Republic of Germany in 1977.

The fairy tale is based on a book by Otfried Preussler, a wonderful story about a boy named Krabat, originally a Lusatian Serb legend from the 17th and 18th centuries that spread and occurs later in many countries around the world in different variations – the battle of the sorcerer's apprentice with his master. It is the story of a boy who, on the threshold of adulthood, is approached by dark forces and is fascinated by them until he realizes that they can kill him. The Sorcerer 's Apprentice is about the strength of a heart that cannot be changed, that controls our feelings and behavior and can be a source of hatred, malice, envy or love and joy. In this eternal battle only the path of willpower and faith in love leads to liberation from the snares of evil.


Cast: Luďek Munzar, Jaroslav Moučka


Directed be: Karel Zeman



DVD contains bonus material